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Kamen Rider V by plasm3000 Kamen Rider V by plasm3000
My own personal Kamen Rider finally finished! Using City of Heroes I was able to finally get down my riders looks as best that I could. This guy has been three years in the making and I'm finally happy with the result. Being a major rider fan I wanted to create a rider that was a cyborg like the showa-era riders but comparable with modern riders like Kamen Rider W or OOO.

When I first started off trying to make my rider I went through alot of ideas. Like having mutiple forms, based on a tengo, having a mantis motif and so forth. Finally after researching on the japanese giant wasp I got down the look on my rider. As for powers I worked him to be formidible on his own without multiple forms or a final/ultimate form like todays riders. Most of my rider inspirations have come from Kamen Rider V3 and Kamen Rider Black as the trained to use new combat techniques instead of a mid-series power-up.

So for those who are curious on what my guys stats are I got it down to this so far.


Refined some of his stats and added new abilities!

Kamen Rider V

Insect Motif: Japanese Giant Hornet/Killer Bee
Name: Hiro Tanaka
Age: 22

Ability Parameters:

Punching power: 6.5t

Kicking power: 13t

Maximum Jump Height: 80m

Maximum Running Speed: 100m/3.8s

Special Equipment/Augments/Weapons and Powers

V Rizer
The V Rizer is V Rider's henshin belt that utilizes the zero-point microgenerator that Hiro had designed.

Scanning device that records and analysis enemy attacks and weapons. ESP function helps find targets to fast to be seen by the naked eye, while a Spectro-Analyzer helps to detect and track his enemies. All three functions of the Tri-Signal can work in unison within a scanning range of 4.8km

Crimson Eye
Allows V Rider to see at a distance of 6km, increase his field of vision, and see within the infrared spectrum.

V Antenna
Can pick up and transmit any communication frequency.

Ultrasound Ear
Acoustic devices with a maximum audiotory detection range of 10km

Olfactory Sensors
V Rider's enhanced sense of smell is three times stronger then a bloodhounds, and can allow him to do a quick chemical analysis.

V Flight
Utilizing the Hutchison effect, V Rider can levitate up to stratospheric levels and fly at a maximum speed of 680kph.

Throwing darts stored internally within V Riders forearm when not in use. Shot from a electromagnetic launcher within the lower palm of his hand, they can be launched up to 2000m away with pinpoint accuracy. Each stinger contains a variable dosage of artificial neurotoxins and enzymes based on the japanese giant wasp. Dosages can be set to either knockout a full grown human for ten minutes, or causing instant painfull death to a combatant. Although against much stronger remodeled humans even the maximum dosage can only create momentary excruciating pain and paralysis.

V Pollen
Releases a yellow smokescreen from several micro-vents located on his shoulders and boots to confuse his enemies and make quick escapes. Contains metallic nanoparticles that deflect and jam both radar and infrared sensors. The smoke itself is superdense enough to prevent laser beams from enemy target designators or rangefinders from pinpointing his location.

Combat Techniques

V Sting
V Rider's signature finishing move. Performed as either a flying punch or jab.

V Spiral Kick
V Rider's secondary finishing move. V Rider performes a flying drill kick on his opponents

V Chop
A vertical karate chop capable of slicing through 110mm of solid steel.

V Barrier
An energy shield made of tasselating hexagons forms either infront of behind V Rider protecting himself and his surroundings. The shield can withstand the force of a small tactical nuke. When activated the barrier lasts for only a few seconds and takes several minutes to recharge in order to activate again.

V Swarm
V-Rider fires a barrage of several dozen explosive energy needles from his belt.

V Driver
Grabbing his opponent V Rider either jumps or flies high into the air to deliver a devastating piledriver.

Still trying to iron out the details to tell me what you think!
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